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Suzanne Somers BHRT | Tracie Leonhardt, DO - Forever Health Practitioner

Tracie Leonhardt, DO

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Peaks of Health Metabolic Medical Center is all about you. This center was established to address the underlying cause of a disease. Instead of just treating the symptoms, we strive to find the root of the disease process such as diabetes or hypertension. When we find the underlying cause, then we can treat the cause and correct the problem, instead of just putting a Band-Aid on it.

At Peaks of Health, our goal is to get you to your peak. This includes making sure your body is running at optimal efficiency. We address diet and nutrition, which is essential to get the key ingredients our body needs to function. Hormones are the signals that tell our body how to function. This is sort of the recipe of life: Without the key ingredients and the proper recipe, you cannot have a good outcome. We also address the intestinal system and look for proper digestion. Without this, you would not absorb any of the key nutrients necessary for a healthy life. Since the body does not function fractionally, we need to look at the entire system and all of the different connections to unravel the problems and discover what part or parts are no longer functioning properly.

At Peaks of Health, we have many options available to help you feel like your “old” self again. Tracie Leonhardt, DO, is a fellow in anti-aging and regenerative medicine and has the knowledge and experience to help you.

Fatigue, weight gain, low libido, and night sweats do not have to be part of your life. Get your hormones back in balance and feel the difference!

Forever Health Areas of Specialization

BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Female Hormones
  • Male Hormones
  • Thyroid
  • Adrenal

Environmental Medicine

  • Digestive Disorders
  • Intravenous Therapy
  • Detoxification
  • Chronic Disease

Integrative Medicine

  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition
  • Regenerative Medicine

Other Areas of Specialization

  • Endocrine System
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune Disorders

Accreditations & Certifications

  • Board Certified, Emergency Medicine, American Board of Emergency Medicine
  • Advanced Fellow, American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
  • Faculty of Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM)
  • Teaching staff of St. Petersburg General Hospital and Largo Medical Center
  • 2013 Awarded "Leading Physician of the World" in Integrative Medicine
  • 2013 HealthTap Leading Physician in Tampa Bay


  • Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Dr. Osteopathic Medicine


  • Pinellas County Osteopathic Medical Society - Board Treasurer
  • American Osteopathic Society
  • Florida Osteopathic Medical Society
  • Pinellas County Medical Society


  • English
Forever Health Pratitioner

Office Location(s)

Peaks of Health Metabolic Medical Center

1120 Belcher Rd S
Ste 2
Largo, FL 33771

MO - TU 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
WE 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
TH - FR 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

NOTE: Forever Health receives fees for administrative and marketing services from practitioners who are part of the Forever Health Practitioner Network. Forever Health provides a network where people like you can connect with BHRT practitioners. We do not provide medical advice or services directly.

NOTE on Insurance: Innovative practitioners and insurance companies have long debated the importance of preventive medicine and services such as BHRT. Due to variations in coverage for novel treatment options, many practitioners will resolve this issue by providing their services on a cash-only basis. Forever Health encourages you to contact the practitioner to determine if any alternative payment options or post-visit reimbursements exist.